CV for Claus Skaanning


Claus has many years of experience with management, business development, research, and sales, in particular within the IT / software industry. Claus is specialized in the use of knowledge management, decision support and artificial intelligence technology in commercial settings but can also work within other areas.

Personal data

  • Married, 2 children (9 and 12 as of 2016)
  • Cell phone: +45 20690771
  • Address: Th. Staunings Vej 48, DK-9210 Aalborg, Denmark
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn:

Professional Experience

  • 2017 - : Advisory board, ADALI
  • 2016 - : COO, Aglance Solutions
  • 2014 - : Consultant and member of advisory board, Fysiometer
  • 2014 - : CEO of Sales on Tap, a sales consultancy company helping Scandinavian companies to grow their exports.
  • 2001 – 2014:     CEO of Dezide ApS, a software company delivering solutions for knowledge management and workflow optimization, based on Artificial Intelligence technology. I founded the company, raised capital for it, closed the first many customer deals, and grew the company from a research prototype to a thriving software company with 17 employees.
  • 2006 – 2011: Board member of BrainsBusiness / ICT Norcom – the North Denmark association for IT companies
  • 1997 – 2001:     Software Architect and Technical Lead at Hewlett-Packard R&D. I was the driving force in creating the new breakthrough innovations, patents and software prototypes for what would become Dezide.
  • 1997 – 1997: Assistant professor at Aalborg University (half year)
  • 1993 – 1994: Research assistant at Aalborg University


  • 1994 – 1997:     Ph.D. in Computer Science from Aalborg University. I am specialized in the commercial use of Artificial Intelligence / Decision Support (Bayesian Networks)
  • 1987 – 1993:     M.Sc. in Computer Science from Aalborg University
  • 1989 – 1990:     B.Sc. in Mathematics from Aalborg University
  • Various classes in project management, sales, export and some MBA classes over the years

Patents & Publications

  • 7 patents written and granted where I am the primary inventor.
  • More than 10 publications in international refereed journals.
  • Languages
  • Danish and English: excellent in speech and writing
  • German, Norwegian, Swedish: “can get by” in speech and writing

I have worked as an IT entrepreneur during many years, always in the high tech / IT area with management, sales and strategic planning.

My experience includes:

  • Project management: 4 years in a project for Hewlett-Packard with many international participants, complex planning and targets.
  • Technology strategy: 4 years of working with this for HP followed by 13 years working for Dezide. It includes all aspects of strategy such as development, prioritization, go-to-market, partnering, etc. I have participated as a panel member on many springboards through Connect Denmark and have a lot of experience in reviewing business plans.
  • Innovation/entrepreneur: through 13 years I have been in the front of moving a small research heavy spin-out from being just a software prototype and 7 patents to be a successful software company with customers around the world. There has been an endless amount of challenges along the way where I have been the primary driver in resolving them.
  • Sales: I have personally been responsible for the sales department in all my years in Dezide, so I have deep and detailed knowledge of sales execution and strategy. As part of my work I built an independent sales department in Bulgaria. I have personally hosted 100s of customer sales meetings, both face-to-face and online via Skype /, all over the world, including Europe, US, Middle-East and Asia.
  • Board experience: I have been part of the board of Dezide in 13 years and have achieved a unique network through this work. The board included such well-known IT professionals as Niels Soelberg, current Country Manager for Microsoft DK, Jørgen Bardenfleth, previous Country Manager for Microsoft DK, now chairman of the Danish IT association, and Jim Schreckengast, now Senior Director at Eastman Kodak. In addition I have served for many years on the board of the North Denmark association for IT companies and know most of the top directors and CEOs within the North Denmark IT industry.
  • Venture capital fund raising: I have personally conducted towards 100 meetings with both Danish and International VCs, banks, business angels, etc. to raise capital for Dezide and have achieved a deep level of knowledge and experience with the requirements for raising funding. Dezide raised funding in 2003 from NOVI Innovation through my efforts – and have since been approached by many VCs. I am a member of Founders Club and have through this a network among VCs in Silicon Valley.
  • Intellectual Property (IP): I have personally written and applied for 7 patents through my work at HP. I have been through the entire process of applying for these patents and have learned how to carry it out in practice. I have also been involved in the defence of a patent towards a competitor. I have negotiated with large companies regarding IP licenses and am well-versed in this discipline.
  • Business planning and strategy: over the years I have written many business plans and have read many books about this. I have been able to receive advice from many experienced business people in my network regarding this work.
  • Budgeting/financial controlling: managed the budget of a software company through several crises over a 12-year period. Has a deep and detailed understanding of this topic.
  • IT overall: I have been working as an IT entrepreneur as CEO of a software company. My deepest knowledge has to do with management and strategy of software.
  • Research: I have been a researcher in the past and also has a good experience with this discipline.